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No matter what happens to your appliance we are trained to solve all issues that might happen to it. Glendale washer repair call us to schedule an appointment and get our technicians the same day you call us. Never wait too long, grab the phone and call us. For more information about Glendale please visit

Properly Care For Your Washers

Can you imagine your washer to fail? We know that you cannot because living life without a washer is a real catastrophe. You will be supposed to wash clothes handily or drive each second day to laundromat which will cost you more Glendale washer repair. Because of these, we will give you some advice hoe properly to take care of your washer.

  • Always make your washer stable. If you do not this the washer will constantly vibrate that will cause internal damage.

  • Never overload. Adding more clothes than allowed might be the reason for throwing washer out of balance which will ruin the rhythm and will definitely effect on the wash quality.

  • Clean the washer regularly. If you want to prevent your appliance from mildew and mold clean it once in the year. Wipe the drum and tube and turn the washer empty on regular cycle program with adding some baking soda, vinegar, and water.

These appliances do not last forever but with regular maintenance the will serve you lot years. If you care for your washer but it still broke call the best washer repair Glendale.

Replacement Parts Washer Repair Glendale Offers

Did your washer is not staring at all? Hmm, you definitely need professional help. Probably your appliance has some failed par, for example, the motor or the plugging cable or maybe the lid switch. All you have to do is replace the broken part with a new one. Call us on 818 280-8203 and let our team replace it in no time. In our workshop, we have almost all replacement parts for the major brands’ washer such as:

  • Lid switch
  • Plugging cable
  • Tub Dampening Strap
  • Agitator directional clogs
  • Drive Motor
  • House Clamp
  • Suspension Spring
  • Water pump
  • Drain Hose

Did you find the part you need? Or maybe we didn’t mention the right you need. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that we do not have it, Call us 818 280-8203 and get the replacement part you need. All of them come with different time of warranty which will assure that you are getting the best. Plus in our place, you will find for the most affordable price. Call washer repair Glendale and get best washer repair service ever.

Washer Repair Glendale 818 280-8203

For Glendale washer repair, you are in the correct place! Our company offers repair to major washer brands. We repair washers for the entire area of Glendale and residents. If you are troubleshooting appliance problems, call on 818 280-8203 even today or if you feel more comfortable submit our online request for professional Washer repair Glendale.

Washer repair Glendale ensures:

  • Labor and parts warranty on repairs
  • Service same day when you call us
  • Before we start with any work we write the estimate
  • Free service call if we do the job
  • Free online application
  • Always on time
  • Loyal and professional service
  • Trained technicians

Washers we Repair:

In our workshop, we repair all major washers brands because our technicians are trained. They have the knowledge and are specialized for all brands, types, and models of washers. Make a simple call on and let us repair your washer as soon as possible, we guarantee for all repairs made by us. We are considered as a leading washer repair service in the city of Glendale thanks to our customers.